a fly on the wall in a home

Fly Solutions For Greater Philadelphia

As a general rule, pests are annoying and tend to make life less fun for everyone. However, one pest in particular is known to be a nuisance, no matter the circumstances. This pest is known simply as the house fly. In addition to being a nuisance, they also carry diseases and can cause many health problems in otherwise healthy people if left unchecked.

Our Fly Control Process

a house fly on a dining room table

The best thing to do is to contact our pest management professionals if you suspect a house fly infestation. We’ll take the time to inspect the house for entry points as well as signs of any deposited fly eggs. Doing this ensures we cut the problem off at the source.

As for the flies themselves, we work to make the immediate environment uninhabitable for them by utilizing the following steps:

  • Using a specially formulated fluid in your drains

  • Using UV light in some situations

  • Deploying sticky traps

  • Treating the kitchen, basement, and crawlspaces

We believe in creating long-lasting solutions, which is why we take the time to identify points of entry, such as torn screens and other openings. Simple solutions can prevent a fly infestation in the future.

Flies Multiply Quickly

A female fly reproduces about five or six times in its life, laying about 100 eggs each time — meaning a fly population inside your house can spread quickly out of control. The key to winning the battle against this pest is to establish control and take the steps needed to prevent them from invading in the first place.

How Flies Enter The House

House flies make it into the house through structural openings. Damaged screens or compromised seals are the prime suspects for a fly infestation. Flies like warmer air currents. As such, they gravitate to the warm air coming from the House on cooler days.

Do you have a fly problem or other unwanted pests? Contact Pestmaster® Services of the Main Line in Philadelphia today for environmentally friendly pest management.